Today over 2 million elderly are completely alone.

Your support will make a true difference. Through our Sponsorship Program, your company gives concrete help and joy to a lonely elderly and provides a meaningful part-time job to a young adult for a full year.

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Make sure no elderly is left alone.

We pair lonely elderly with their own Gubbe Helper who will visit them regularly to help for example with outdoor activities and household chores. This will provide the elderly with help and companionship, while also giving the young adult a meaningful part-time employment.

Ready-made marketing materials for your company.

For a lonely elderly, a trusted Gubbe Helper who brings joy & help on a regular basis.

A meaningful part-time job for a young adult for a year ahead.

More than a million elderly in the UK say they go over a month without speaking to anyone.
Let's make a change

Sponsorship Packages

Choose the package that best suits your business!

The bigger the package, the better the impact

By buying a bigger package, you will enable more lonely elderly to live happier lives.

Each package includes regular Gubbe Helper's visits to the elderly. Visits are two hour long and can include going outside, cooking or just keeping each other company. A young adult is employed in a meaningful part-time job and the elderly gets the help and companionship they need. Your company will receive ready-made materials to communicate the good act internally and externally, as well as regular greetings from the elderly your company is helping!

Hundreds of thousands of young adults suffer from social exclusion.

First work experiences are the most important preventive tool against exclusion. Gubbe's Sponsorship Program helps to create meaningful part-time jobs for young adults for a year ahead.

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