Why become a Gubbe Sponsor?

Your support will make a true difference. Through our Sponsorship Program, your company gives concrete help and joy to a lonely elderly and provides a meaningful part-time job to a young adult for a full year.

Become a Sponsor

Small investment, big impact.

We pair lonely elderly with their own Gubbe Helper who will visit them regularly to help with for example outdoor activities and household chores. This will provide the elderly with help and companionship, while also giving the young adult meaningful part-time employment.

Ready-made marketing materials for your company.

For a lonely elderly, a trusted Gubbe Helper who brings joy & help on a regular basis.

A meaningful part-time job for a young adult for a year ahead.

"Without my Gubbe helper I would be spending all my time alone."

- Elderly / 92  years old -

Ready-made materials for marketing

You will receive ready-made, high-quality marketing materials for external communication. The easiest way to show you're doing good.

An intangible gift for your employees

You will receive regular materials to help you communicate about the good act internally. Make your employees delighted and proud!

Positive visibility through Gubbe's social platforms

Your company will get positive visibility on Gubbe's social media channels and website.

You get ready-made materials for social media

We will provide you with digital materials that you can use to communicate about the sponsorhip program to customers, employees and stakeholders through the channels of your choice.